11 types of pedicures you should know about before getting one

The most popular beauty service in spas and salons could be pedicures. Who wouldn’t want their feet massaged and treated by a skilled and knowledgeable esthetician? You look your best after getting a pedicure in Airdrie, which feels wonderful and benefits your skin. Despite several variations and processes, these are the fundamental components that all pedicures share. The order of the steps may differ depending on where you have your pedicure and the sort of pedicure you are receiving.

Defining pedicure 

Your feet and toenails will be pampered during a pedicure. An excellent pedicure entails much more than just applying polish. A professional will fix broken heels, tidy up ugly cuticles, shape nails, and add some glitz. Once you’re done, your feet will look fantastic. Additionally, they will perform better because of smoother skin, repaired heels, and fewer hangnails.

You can narrow down your options and choose your preferred treatment with the aid of this quick look at the following most common pedicure types. 

Basic Pedicure 

This is the standard service that almost all salons and spas provide. A traditional pedicure includes a warm foot bath, foot exfoliation with a pumice stone or foot file, nail trimming, nail shaping, cuticle pushing, a brief foot and calf massage, moisturizer, and nail paint (if desired). This choice is advantageous for those who want routine foot and toenail care without a lot of fuss or pampering, such as callus removal.

Spa Pedicure 

The spa pedicure is the natural choice if you wish to diversify your benefits of pedicures. Many procedures in this process are comparable to those in the basic package, but your nail technician will also include a few more benefits to make your feet feel more at ease and give them their best appearance. 

Depending on the spa you visit, your specific choices may include a moisturizing mask, a warm towel wrap, or a fragrant exfoliating scrub. The extended session will enable you to unwind more deeply.

French Pedicure 

Following a basic package, your nails will be painted in a French pedicure. Before your nail technician applies a translucent or pink color to your nails during a traditional French pedicure, a white polish is placed on the edges of your toenails. 

Ask about adding decorations such as rhinestones, if you want a more contemporary look, or choose a brighter hue than the conventional neutrals. 

Sports/athletic Pedicure 

An athletic pedicure is a fantastic option if you spend a lot of time on your feet, suffer from ingrown toenails or calluses, or subject your feet to abuse via regular exercise or sports. Although this option is comparable to the standard pedicure in many respects, your feet will be refreshed using some additional skin-soothing and relaxing techniques. 

For instance, a lengthy foot massage soothes sore muscles, while a peppermint foot scrubs refreshes and cools your skin. Before applying your preferred nail polish, your foot technician may take extra time to treat calluses that have hardened.

Chocolate Pedicure 

A chocolate foot bath, a chocolate foot mask, and a chocolate moisturizing lotion are just a few indulgences used in the serious chocolate enthusiast’s chocolate pedicure. The delicious component provides advantages for your feet’s health, including that cocoa, naturally tightens and hydrates skin and serves as a potent antioxidant. It has been said that the smell of chocolate causes emotions of pleasure, making this a treat that will make you feel wonderful inside and out.

Gel Pedicure 

Another definition of a gel pedicure is the kind of nail polish used. Your nail technician will finish your basic pedicure by applying two layers of thick nail paint and a clear top coat. 

They will use a UV light to cure your nails after each coat. Gel polish is quite durable and powerful, and it should stay on your feet for at least three to four weeks, if not longer.

Waterless Pedicure

Consider a waterless pedicure if you’re searching for one of the most sanitary pedicure alternatives or if you’re at a spa without easy access to clean water. 

Your nail technician will sprinkle your feet with a special spray after trimming and filing your nails, then wrap them in towels and plastic wrap to trap heat and moisture against your skin to soften and moisturize your feet. 

In essence, you will enjoy the advantages of a foot soak without submerging your feet in a spa bath. Also, you won’t have to be anxious about bacterial contamination that can be present in a foot tub.

Margarita Pedicure 

Your feet also deserve a celebration. The margarita pedicure was created as a result. Similar to a traditional pedicure, but with a lime footbath, salt scrub, massage oil with lime as the main ingredient, and lime-scented moisturizer. The salon will treat you to a tequila shot if you’re lucky.

Paraffin Pedicure 

Warm paraffin wax can be added to a basic or spa package with a paraffin pedicure. Depending on the spa, you could have a heated paraffin wax foot soak or wrap your foot in a paraffin slipper. 

This wax works wonders on your skin’s softening and smoothing, making it ideal for getting rid of dry winter skin or tough calluses from the summer.

Honey & Milk Pedicure

Finding this pedicure might be challenging, but the effort is worth it. It begins with a soothing soak in a warm milk bath, followed by a sugar scrub that exfoliates and a honey mask that moisturizes. Paraffin wax is sometimes used during milk and honey pedicures. This is a moisturizing, skin-softening treatment if you want more hydration and exfoliation.

Stone Pedicure 

A stone pedicure is less of a pedicure and more of a foot massage that starts with a traditional warm footbath and is finished with applying various essential oils using hot stones. Although it’s a luxurious treatment aimed to relax tense leg and foot muscles, it doesn’t usually include cuticle care, skin exfoliation, and other aspects that traditional pedicures include.


A pedicure is the best way to treat yourself without expending more money. Going to a particular occasion will boost your confidence, soften and smooth your feet, and give your toenails a new layer of colour.