Massage in Airdrie

Let us treat your mind, body, and soul to a truly pampering massage!

Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) would customize every massage to meet the specific stress reduction and therapeutic needs of clients to promote overall health and well-being. All massage treatments are eligible for benefits claims

This therapeutic massage and relaxation massage therapy treatment relieves stress, eases muscle tension, and stimulates blood circulation to induce deep relaxation and overall health. Our experienced registered massage therapists (RMT) will customize this therapeutic massage to suit your individual preferences.
60 Min – $79
90 Min – $115
30 Min – $42
45 Min – $60
75 Min – $100
Soothing heated basalt stones of varying sizes are placed on key points on your body to stimulate the flow of healing energies, and then used for a full-body massage to deeply penetrate and loosen your muscles, gently easing tension and fatigue.
60 Min – $110
90 Min – $155
We do the little things to delight our clients, including those expecting little ones! This traditional Swedish pregnancy massage uses side-lying techniques and lots of supporting pillows. Your registered massage therapist (RMT) will pay special attention to your legs and lower back to ease discomfort and improve circulation. Upon booking, please let us know how far along you are so that we can prepare accordingly.
60 Min – $89
Postpartum Massage is as important and beneficial as pregnancy massage. This massage Has a holistic approach for relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, hormone regulation, reduce swelling, better sleep and improved breastfeeding.
60 Min – $ 89
What better way is there to enjoy a massage than to share it friends or family? The couples massage is performed in the couple’s room, which includes a two-person steam room. You’ll both emerge from your private suite relaxed and refreshed.
60 Min: $150
90 Min: $230
This vigorous, deep tissue registered massage therapy treatment is perfect for those wishing to enhance the enjoyment of their activity of choice. Various massage techniques are used to stimulate and stretch the muscles, improving flexibility, reducing lactic acid and eliminating toxins.
30 Min: $49
60 Min: $89
90 Min: $125
This is a unique Indian Head massage that has several benefits. Apart from general relaxation it also benefits in improving blood circulation, ease muscle tension, dissipates mental tiredness, stress, depression, it can create a more balanced state of being and balancing of the Chakras.
30 Min: $42
*Shampoo and Blowout Not Included, You may however book Shampoo and Blowout with this service.
Warm Paraffin on Hands – $10
Warm Paraffin on Feet – $10